Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Cosmo's home!

I put off posting this because I didn't want to tell the big secret of the day before my sister got a chance to tell it. It occurred to me, though, that no one is reading my blog, according to the counter, so it doesn't matter what I say here. So here it is: Cosmo is home! Bay will be telling the whole story in her blog, so I'll just add a little link here to the most recent installment in the story. She hasn't written the conclusion yet, but I'm sure she will tonight.

What with all the worrying about Cosmo, I got to thinking about how many times birds have touched my life. One of my earliest memories is hearing an owl in the woods behind our house in Decatur, Georgia. My mother showed me the magic of birds in our back yard later when we moved to Social Circle -- I still remember her excitement when an indigo bunting came to our feeder. When I got older I got George, a mynah bird. After George, there was Georgia, a green-cheeked conure. Then Noah, an African grey. Then Kito, another African grey. One of my last gifts from Mama is a figurine of a bluebird.

They're beautiful creatures, and my life would be emptier without them.


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