Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Business as usual

One of the things that strikes me about really good blogs is how the authors seem to always have something important to say. Great minds have great thoughts, it seems. With me, each day is pretty much like the previous. Sleep, eat, work, surf, sleep. And sometimes even when something really interesting is going on, I look at a blank blog entry and think, "I can't write about this. It's going to come out sounding stupid." Well, here goes. If it sounds stupid, please don't tell me.

A few weeks ago Paul and I heard about a film competition that's coming to Las Vegas, the 48 Hour Film Project. It works like this: on a Friday evening at about 7:00, participants draw a film genre from a hat. All teams have a character, a prop, and a line of dialogue that must appear in their films. And then you have 48 hours to make a film -- to write, shoot, score, and edit a four to seven minute film. It's pretty amazing what some people have done in 48 hours. This guy made an audience award winning film all by himself, and he even chose to make his a musical.

We've put together a pretty impressive team just by sending out word that we're looking for creative people. The thing that will set the winners apart from the losers will be that elusive creative spark that envisions an entertaining story. We have the actors and musicians and editors. We have the professional cameras and lights and microphones. What we'll be hoping for will be the luck of coming up with a good idea. We have until August 5 to try to capture that spark. Wish us luck!


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