Sunday, June 25, 2006

No birds in this blog post

Weird, isn't it? Things have slowed down in the backyard birds department, so let's see what else has been going on.

I was in Washington, DC, last week presenting a paper at a conference. It gave me the chance to release a few Where's George dollars in our nation's capitol. The happy result was that I quickly added the District of Columbia to the list of states where my bills have been tracked. Now there's only Delaware standing in the way of my 50 State Bingo.

I just posted a video of Leon the bulldog on YouTube. Let's see if I can link to it here.

This is a video Paul and I made in the summer of 2005 just to try out some new editing software before the 48 Hour Film Project. (Hence the silly transitions.) To be honest, I never really planned to make it publicly available, but I came across it today and thought oh, what the heck. Enjoy!


At 3/28/2007 9:42 AM, Anonymous LinFromNJ said...

that's freakin' hilarious


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