Wednesday, April 19, 2006

What to do?

Wow. It seems so quiet around here these days. I keep wanting to check the webcam, but there's nothing to see at the nest, so I've relocated the camera to a place that's a little more exciting. Hope you guys enjoy the view, too! I'm going to take the camera down in another week or so, but enjoy it in the meantime. I know I'll be checking in now and then!

Update: The camera was offline for much of the day. If you had trouble viewing it on Thursday, give it another try.

I keep hoping that mama hummingbird will come back to the same nest for her second brood this summer. My reading says that they often have a second brood in a summer, and she got such an early start, surely she'll try again. I'm worried, though, that she might find her current nest location less than satisfactory because...well, frankly, because of the darned paparazzi! I mean, the constant intrusion of cameras being thrust into her face -- sheesh! If she's smart, she'll go to Namibia to have her second brood.


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