Saturday, December 31, 2005

There goes another year

My first full year in Las Vegas. I already feel like a local since everyone here is from somewhere else. In Tennessee you can live there for ten years and still be "the new folks," but here we're all the new folks.

Living here is not so bad, really, as long as you stay away from the strip...or the "resort corridor," as they're fond of saying on the news.

The highway near my house is going to be under construction for the next two or three years. Starting next week, the exit I use is going to be under construction for several months. Thank goodness the streets around here are all perpindicular to each other. It's no problem to find an alternate route.

Almost one year at my current job. I like it there. They treat me well.

Tennessee is still home, though, and it always will be. I'm sticking it out here only until we're ready to go home.


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