Saturday, February 18, 2006

A cobweb site

I'm afraid my blog has become a bit of a cobweb site. I really must endeavor to write more, if only for my own enjoyment. It's nice to look back and see what I wrote before, what was important to me even months ago.

I was just looking at another blog and saw some little weather images the author had included. Considering that I live in a place with unusual weather, I thought it might be cool to track that, too, so here's the first installment. February in Vegas -- not bad.

OK, so catching up since I last posted -- there's been a lot going on, really. The big happenings in my personal life:
  • I bought a Pontiac Solstice, which I love. I've been a fan of beautiful cars since my first boyfriend drove me around in his '69 Chevelle and taught me to appreciate the beauty of classic GM products. (He had no patience for Mustangs, but he truly coveted Corvettes.) Anyway, the Solstice is a real eye catcher, and they caught my eye last spring. Paul and I went to a local dealer a few months ago after a commercial made us think they had one in the showroom. They didn't. As soon as I saw one on the street, we were back at the dealer. I planned to order one, but some Internet searching and a little looking around led me to a Solstice that someone had ordered but didn't accept when it came in. He'd had to buy something while he waited. The hardest part was trading in the MINI, which I dearly loved.
  • My sister came to town for a week at the end of January, beginning of February. She came ostensibly because of the Craft and Hobby Association (CHA) convention being held here, but we got in plenty of visiting and sightseeing and just plain ol' hanging out with each other, which was wonderful. She's the real writer of the family, and I highly recommend you check out her blog for the details, even if you don't know either of us. She's a wonderful storyteller, and even a monorail trip (or two...with gorgeous security guards, lost cell phones, wrong way departures, and so on) can become a fascinating adventure when she tells the tale.
  • I bought a new purse and wallet -- Louis Vuitton. I feel so chic! Thank goodness for eBay bargains and especially thank goodness for My Poupette, a web site that educates buyers about the huge number of counterfeit items that are out there. I appreciate being able to look at the My Poupette Recommended Sellers' items with the confidence of knowing that the items are guaranteed to be authentic.
  • I finally got classic Cragar wheels for Paul's PT Cruiser. He's been wanting Cragar wheels ever since he got that car, and they really do fit it well. There are lots of "almost Cragar" chrome mag wheels out there, but that little blue Cragar name plate looks so nice!
  • The hummingbirds have returned to my back patio. Silly birds! They came back on January 21. It still gets down to freezing at night here. Shouldn't they have hung out in Mexico a while longer? There's a good picture of one of the early arrivals here -- you guessed it -- on my sister's blog.
  • OK, that's all the personal stuff. Now, at work I've been getting more responsibility and more people to manage. My head is spinning a little bit from all the new systems I'm having to learn, but I'm also proud they have confidence in me to handle all the new responsibility. I've now had my job for over a year. I had my first evaluation and got a nice merit raise. All is well with my career, and I'm so happy to have found a job at a good place. Good place, good people, good work, good benefits, good pay -- I think I'll stay if they'll keep me.
Well, that's enough of an update for now. If I were a good blogger, each of these events would have been a separate post. I'll endeavor to do better...but I've said that before.


At 1/22/2007 4:25 PM, Blogger Robert said...

Amy, I hope you can help a fellow PT Cruiser owner out.

I've been looking for a set of Cragars for my Cruiser for about a year now and can't find them! You're right, there are a few copies out there but there is nothing like the original.

If you remember where you got them I would really appreicate it!

Contact me at rtscruiser(at)


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