Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Quick nest cam update

Y'all are so nice! No one has written to me to say "It's ridiculous of you to ask us to do all that stuff just to see your crummy camera." If I were someone else trying to look at this hummingbird nest, that's exactly what I would have said.

I've been trying for the last two nights to put in a different video delivery system and failing miserably. I'd like to be able to tell people to just go to a web page to view streaming video instead of jumping through all the hoops in my last post. (Besides, I can't see the camera from work because the firewall at work won't let me use the ports that are being used by my current software!) I've found the right software, but I can't seem to get the proper video card, USB connector, or whatever to get the RCA connector on my camera to talk to my PC. Last night's effort to plug in a USB converter was thwarted when I took the thing out of the box and found that the installation CD was scratched. One would think the manufacturer's web site would have a driver, but no such luck. Their tech support page said "Sorry! This page is still under construction." Oh. Hmm. Yeah. OK. Thanks. The thing is going back to the store today. And yes, I'll tell them about the scratched CD. The package had evidence of being opened, so maybe the previous purchaser didn't tell them.

Tonight at 7:00 I will receive in e-mail a topic for a documentary. My husband and I will have until Monday evening, March 27, to finish the four to eight-minute documentary and send it off to be judged. So, as you might imagine, I'll be pretty busy between tonight and next Monday. With luck, maybe my topic will be nature, and I'll be able to document this little backyard miracle as part of the film. Here are the details about the Documentary Challenge, if you're curious.

Anyway, the reason I bring this up is because I probably won't have time to work on the nest cam in the next few days. I'm still planning to get it up and going, though, so stay tuned!


At 3/23/2006 5:37 PM, Blogger Gwyn said...

Hey, at this point, all we'd see is mama on the nest, right? I'm glad you're enjoying the presence of the hummer, and good luck with your competition. Sounds like a fascinating kind of thing. I would need ten years to complete something like that, because I'd still be trying to figure out how to run the video camera!


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